Agri Business Consulting Group was an early adopter of drone technology, trialling a DJI Phantom FC40 in 2014.   By the end of 2016, the Group was operating 16 DJI Phantom 3 (Professional) units throughout its Australian consultant network.  More recently, the company added two DJI Phantom 4’s, fitted with Sentera sensors, bring the group drone “fleet” to 21. 

The advantage of drones is that they are quick and easy to deploy and can provide instant images, with NDVI capability.  Every metre of row throughout a field can be observed and analysed in real time, allowing for the identification and close inspection of any problem areas.  

In addition to enabling more accurate assessment of losses arising from uninsured perils such as waterlogging or poor germination, drone imagery has been used to validate property maps and ensure the compatibility of control fields.  3D imagery has also proven to be invaluable when dealing with forestry losses, particularly those associated with wind throw.